Modern Production Facilities

We offer innovative and high-quality solutions in the field of prefab structures, containers, and steel constructions from our expansive production area equipped with modern technologies.

Our Factory

One of the cornerstones of ORAY Prefabrik’s leadership in the sector is its modern factory, sprawling over an area of 40,000 square meters with a covered area of 19,950 square meters. This impressive facility is specially designed for the production of prefab, container, light steel, and pre-manufactured steel structures.

The expansive space of our factory provides high efficiency and flexibility at every stage of our production processes. The 19,950 square meters of enclosed space hosts production lines equipped with the latest technology and extensive storage capacities. This is a crucial factor enabling ORAY Prefabrik to deliver high-quality products to its customers swiftly.

Our modern production facility sets standards in the industry not only in terms of product quality and efficiency but also in sustainable and eco-friendly production practices. The vast production area and enclosed premises demonstrate ORAY Prefabrik’s innovative approach and commitment to quality in the construction sector.

Thanks to the wide and modern structure of our factory, advanced production machinery, and systematic organization, we have the capacity to produce large quantities in a short time, even in emergency situations such as earthquakes and other natural disasters. These features enhance our ability to quickly respond and produce durable, reliable structures under challenging conditions. This capacity allows us to provide reliable and prompt solutions to our customers and business partners, even in the most difficult times, reinforcing the difference and leadership of ORAY Prefabrik in the sector.

This factory signifies the value ORAY Prefabrik offers to its customers and business partners, symbolizing our expertise and success in the industry. With this facility, our company will continue to lead innovations and developments in the prefab construction sector, shaping the future of the industry.