Structural Steel

Our designs adhere to TSE, DIN, ASTM, and ISO standards and norms, including TS 498 and TS 648. Structural steel constructions are produced considering the specific snow load (standard 90 Kg/m²), wind load (standard 70 Km/h), earthquake data, and climate conditions of the building site. The carrier system is designed with steel bolt and nut connections, making it suitable for multiple disassemblies and assemblies. For roofing and facade cladding, we use either 0.55 mm thick corrugated trapezoidal galvanized sheet in a 27/200 form, or sandwich panels with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) or polyurethane filling, coated on both sides with 0.55 mm thick Ral 9002 color electrostatic powder, in corrugated galvanized sheet.

Areas of Use

These structures can be utilized for a variety of purposes:

  • Construction Site Hangars
  • Workshops or Warehouses
  • Production Facilities
  • Helicopter Hangars
  • Animal Shelters
  • Garages
  • Sports Facilities

Each of these applications highlights the versatility and adaptability of such constructions to meet diverse functional needs.