Human Resources

Our vision, mission, goals, and shared values illuminate our Most Important Asset: Our Competent Human Resources;

  • To recruit individuals with high educational levels, openness to innovation, energy, potential for self and job development, and the ability to work in teams into our organization,
  • To embrace individuals who are socially responsible, respectful of moral values, contemporary, and who internalize the philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction,
  • To ensure the continuous development of our employees, acquiring different visions, skills, and technical knowledge,
  • To continuously improve the knowledge, skills, potential, and performance of our highly qualified employees, who are the most valuable resource of our group that races against time and always aims to win, ensuring that their personal goals align with organizational goals at the highest level.

Our aim is to ensure that ORAY Prefabrik continues to provide better service with the continuity of its success and development. ORAY Prefabrik is aware that this can only be achieved with its employees. It aims to develop its employees through continuous training programs, effective performance, and reward systems.